Registry to Group Policy Preferences XML Converter 0.6.5 Alpha

TO USE: Choose the .reg file you want to convert and hit Upload. The next page will verify it uploaded successfully, and give you a couple of options. When happy, click Convert and Download XML and you should get a prompt to download your XML file.
TO APPLY: Copy the file to your clipboard (just find the file, and either right-click -> "Copy" or select it and Ctrl+C). In Group Policy Management Editor, under Computer/User Configuration -> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Registry, right click anywhere in whitespace and click "Paste". The settings SHOULD then be imported directly as collections of Registry settings. Hopefully.

I am not responsible for your domain network or any of the computers on said network spontaneously losing data, crashing, spontaneously combusting, being confiscated by Microsoft footsoldiers or otherwise becoming unusable, inaccessible, or explody. If you're messing with this sort of stuff, I expect you to know what you're doing. Don't blame me if it breaks.

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